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"Tamarindo" - our third CD

Our 3rd CD is out, and it's our best yet! Featuring 9 new originals.


"Kaikoura" - our second CD (click underlined songs to hear MP3 previews)

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1. Mr. Moto
2. Wild Night
3. Besame Mucho
4. The Savage
5. Surfey **
6. Hot Summer
7. Kaikoura **
8. Sway
9. Journey to the Stars
10. Harlem Nocturne
11. TR6
12. Sophie **

** Beloved Invaders original!
"Kaikoura" distributed by Outmode Records


"The Beloved Invaders" - our first CD

TO PURCHASE: Our first CD is now free! Click a song to listen or download. (These recordings are no longer available on CD.)

1. Diamond Head
2. Penetration
3. Driving Guitars
4. Lullaby of the Leaves
5. Apache
6. Perfidia
7. Sleepwalk
8. Pipeline
9. Out of Limits
10. Spudnik
11. The Cruel Sea
12. Secret Agent Man

Bonus Tracks:
Recorded 1996. Bob Cannistraro - guitar, Michael Raines - bass, Rick Boals - rhythm guitar, Kem Stralka - drums

1. Perfidia
2. Spudnik
3. Journey to the Stars
4. Walk Don't Run


Available in yellow and blue.
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Purchasing Information

Price for each "Kaikoura" CD: $14.00 (IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not order the "Tamarindo" CD here. Use CD Baby instead.)
Price for each T-Shirt: $17.50 Please specify size (S, M, L, XL) and color (blue or yellow) with your order.

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