Media Reviews and Other Links

Media Reviews

Westword Interviews the Beloved Invaders!
The Rocky Mountain News - Weekend Spotlight
The Boulder Weekly Announces Upcoming Show
The Onion's Best of 2002
Colorado Daily Reviews the Top Boulder Bands
Apogee Magazine Interviews Bob Cannistraro


Los Straitjackets - One of our favorite surf bands!
Slacktone - Another favorite surf band
Cabaret Diosa - Check out this hot Latin dance band from Colorado!

The Two of Us - A Beatles tribute band featuring Bob as George
Rhythm Oil - Another band Bob plays in - Jump, Swing, and Rhythm and Blues!
The Shackdaddys - Scott's other band - American roots music at its best!

Other Links

Conor O'Neill's - Our favorite pub in Boulder
The Skylark Lounge - One of our favorite places to play in Denver

Cowabunga - Everything you always wanted to link to about instrumental surf music
Optic Nerve Sunglasses - Our sponsor!
Double Crown Records/Continental Magazine - check out this record company featuring surf, garage, rockabilly and indie rock!

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